About Us

Founded in 1999, The MOT Club has grown to be the largest specialist trade body in its field.

The MOT Club provides MOT Test Centre Compliance Audits, DSVA approved MOT training courses, and independent garage management software for members.

Initially established to support independent garages, it soon became apparent to us that testing problems were common throughout the MOT Testing network and we now support many of the UK’s largest franchise dealer groups. 

We offer DVSA approved support and advice to our members so that they can concentrate on what’s important to them and their business.  Our compliance reports provide senior management the information they need to enforce a robust quality system across their network. 

Today our membership includes 7 of the top 10 franchised dealer groups,* along with many independent garages and auto traders throughout the British Isles. We also provide our services to Fast Fit chains on a national and regional level. 

*As published by Motortrader magazine


Our objective is to advise members on maintaining standards in line with DVSA requirements

Under the DVSA Site Assessment program, testing stations are graded based on their risk of non-compliance, many sites may not see a DVSA official for up to three years. 

Our experience is that this is leading MOT Test Centreto make decisions that suit the commercial aspects of their business, often in direct conflict with DVSA standards. We are proud that on occasion we are accused of highlighting areas of concern that DVSA have not, and this is a clear indicator of our thoroughness.  

The MOT Club is recognised by the DVSA, the DfT and the International Body for periodic testing, CITA. This results in the Club being involved in all issues and developments with DVSA and the DfT at early stages. 

The MOT Club is a trade organisation operating as a commercial organisation providing a range of services and benefits that are only relevant to the MOT market sector. 

We do everything that DVSA do, but we work for YOU!

Trusted By

    "During our phases of expansion and to keep the high standards we achieve at Marshall Motor Group, The MOT Club have ensured we achieve the same same level of quality in our MOT Test Bays. They help us structure and monitor the programme, thus ensuring we achieve total compliance to the required standards set down by the DVSA."
    Marshall Motor Group
    "Bristol Street Motors joined the MOT Club in 2002 when the Group had 19 Vehicle Test Stations. Now as Vertu Motors, and having 90 VTSs, the MOT Club continue to ensure that the Group strive to attain and surpass DVSA standards."
    Bristol Street Motors,