The MOT Club Web Portal

What information does the Web Portal provide?
  • 24/7 access to all site compliance reports carried out by our team, from historical reports through to the most recent. 
  • Records of all your MOT equipment calibration expiry dates and calibration dates, with a built-in reminder system that notifies you one month prior to expiry. 
  • Quality Management System: Here you can keep a record of all QC checks on your MOT Testers in a format recognised by the DVSA. 
  • MOT Tester Annual Training & Assessment records: With the MOT Annual Training & Assessments in place since 2016, all MOT Testers are required to have three hours training per year and keep a record of this. Our web portal handles all of this for you. * 
  • If you are responsible for more than one MOT Centre, you can access all this information with just one login. Each MOT Centre only has access to their own data. 

Using the MOT Club Web Portal all site compliance reports can be read, printed and signed off once any recommended remedial action has been completed. Access to these reports can be granted to various staff within your organisation, so Managers or Regional Managers can monitor the performance of the MOT Centres they are responsible for. 

Unique to our Members, access to our web portal to help you manage your MOT Centre’s Compliance for only £10 a month per Centre

Quality Management is an important factor for the DVSA when assessing an MOT Centre’s risk score. An MOT Centre must provide evidence that there is a robust quality management process in place. Our Site Compliance Audits, and Quality Assurance records are recognised by the DVSA as a robust Quality Management System. 

The MOT Tester Annual Training records are recorded against the DVSA Tester ID, so if the tester moves to another MOT Centre in the group their records can follow. If the MOT Tester were to move to another company that is not a member of The MOT Club the records can be download and sent to the MOT Tester. 

Along with each MOT Tester’s training record, their assessment score and pass certificate number is recorded automatically after sitting the exam. A report shows MOT Testeryet to complete the assessment, providing an early warning system. Remember each MOT Tester must complete the Training and Assessment every year between April and March. 

To assist with MOT Tester Annual Training, we also offer packages to help manage the 3 hours training per annum with access our eLearning platform and assessment via ABC Awards. For more information click here. * 

*Please note : It is the MOT Testing Centre Site Manager who is responsible for maintaining the online CPD training records on behalf of the NT when the full NT CPD training package is not taken up.

Trusted By

    "During our phases of expansion and to keep the high standards we achieve at Marshall Motor Group, The MOT Club have ensured we achieve the same same level of quality in our MOT Test Bays. They help us structure and monitor the programme, thus ensuring we achieve total compliance to the required standards set down by the DVSA."
    Marshall Motor Group
    "Bristol Street Motors joined the MOT Club in 2002 when the Group had 19 Vehicle Test Stations. Now as Vertu Motors, and having 90 VTSs, the MOT Club continue to ensure that the Group strive to attain and surpass DVSA standards."
    Bristol Street Motors,