The MOT Club represents members subject to an appeal by a presenter to DVSA

As the re-examinations are undertaken at a MOT Testing Centre convenient to the current owner of the vehicle, this can mean that a car that was tested in Southampton and has been sold to someone on Glasgow will be re-examined in Glasgow. 

Only 48 hours’ notice is given by DVSA to the MOT Testing Centre that undertook the test, this means that it is frequently impossible for the AEDM/Site Manager or the MOT Tester to attend. The MOT Club guarantees attendance and representation in the members interest at the appeal and during any subsequent disciplinary action provide you provide us with 24 hours’ notice. 

As a member of The MOT Club you will receive our support with :

  • Representation in the event of disciplinary action for the MOT Testing Centre and where appropriate the MOT Tester. 
  • Attendance on behalf of, or in conjunction with the MOT Testing Centre at all appeals and enforcement action anywhere in the UK. 
  • Access to the MOT Club’s Helpline. 

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Trusted By

    "During our phases of expansion and to keep the high standards we achieve at Marshall Motor Group, The MOT Club have ensured we achieve the same same level of quality in our MOT Test Bays. They help us structure and monitor the programme, thus ensuring we achieve total compliance to the required standards set down by the DVSA."
    Marshall Motor Group
    "Bristol Street Motors joined the MOT Club in 2002 when the Group had 19 Vehicle Test Stations. Now as Vertu Motors, and having 90 VTSs, the MOT Club continue to ensure that the Group strive to attain and surpass DVSA standards."
    Bristol Street Motors,